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668593 2013-03-10T09:38:39Z Addbot [[M:User:Addbot|Bot:]] Migrating 44 interwiki links, now provided by [[d:|Wikidata]] on [[d:q12379]] [[M:User:Addbot/WDS|(translate me)]]
597021 2012-08-17T11:11:39Z Marco97pa
569733 2012-03-31T20:29:12Z Marco97pa /* Cumparsi */
569072 2012-03-28T16:25:27Z Marco97pa uncivi li origini
563300 2012-02-17T08:11:41Z AvicBot r2.6.5) (robot junciennu: [[fy:Mario (nintendo)]]
555301 2012-01-06T19:52:20Z Almabot r2.7.2) (robot livannu: [[fa:پپسی]], [[ie:Prostitution]]
554331 2011-12-31T21:10:40Z MerlIwBot robot junciennu: [[fa:پپسی]], [[ie:Prostitution]]
547632 2011-11-29T18:37:28Z WikitanvirBot r2.7.1) (robot junciennu: [[hu:Mario]]
546108 2011-11-20T18:22:35Z Luckas-bot r2.7.1) (robot junciennu: ar, az, ca, cs, cy, da, de, en, es, fi, fr, he, hi, hr, hy, id, is, ja, ko, la, lmo, lt, ml, nl, nn, no, pa, pl, pt, ro, ru, simple, sl, sq, sr, sv, ta, th, tr, ur, vi, zh, zh-min-nan canciannu: it
546104 2011-11-20T18:03:03Z Gmelfi
545975 2011-11-19T15:25:20Z Marco97pa
545965 2011-11-19T14:45:19Z Marco97pa Mario

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