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668523 2013-03-10T09:32:33Z Addbot [[M:User:Addbot|Bot:]] Migrating 14 interwiki links, now provided by [[d:|Wikidata]] on [[d:q1117024]] [[M:User:Addbot/WDS|(translate me)]]
630119 2012-11-19T17:45:11Z EmausBot r2.7.3) (robot junciennu: [[no:Mario Kart 7]]
597024 2012-08-17T11:12:33Z Marco97pa
568333 2012-03-23T17:52:14Z Marco97pa /* Collegamenti ri fora */ Aggiustatu
568194 2012-03-22T19:19:18Z Luckas-bot r2.7.1) (robot junciennu: [[it:Mario Kart 7]]
568190 2012-03-22T18:54:11Z Marco97pa
568185 2012-03-22T18:37:47Z Marco97pa cambio risoluzione immagine
568183 2012-03-22T18:34:40Z Marco97pa aggiustato nuovamente link
568181 2012-03-22T18:33:35Z Marco97pa
568180 2012-03-22T18:32:46Z Marco97pa aggiustato link
568178 2012-03-22T18:31:37Z Marco97pa Creata pagina del gioco Mario Kart 7 per 3DS

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