oldid date/time username edit summary
693639 2014-09-19T17:12:34Z Fabior1984 scancellamu
266305 2008-09-21T14:18:18Z Sarvaturi Rinnirizzamentu â pàggina [[Catinanova (EN)]]
233756 2008-05-23T19:27:57Z Santu
233739 2008-05-23T17:42:11Z
218163 2008-03-24T23:33:59Z SieBot Bot: Aggiungo: [[pms:Catenanuova]]
185018 2007-12-03T22:45:20Z U Quebechisi
183278 2007-12-01T03:18:42Z U Quebechisi
161345 2007-09-24T23:23:41Z SieBot robot Aggiungo: [[vo:Catenanuova]]
145520 2007-08-06T00:11:49Z Qscgu9-bot Robot: Cosmetic changes
136117 2007-07-05T18:23:45Z BotMultichill robot Aggiungo: [[ja:カテナヌオーヴァ]]
59934 2006-08-27T09:41:18Z Thijs!bot robot Aggiungo: [[fr:Catenanuova]]
52434 2006-07-27T16:04:03Z CruccoBot robot Aggiungo: en, nap
46455 2006-05-30T10:39:50Z CruccoBot robot Aggiungo: nl
35581 2006-03-07T15:23:11Z Zwobot robot Aggiungo: eo
28341 2005-12-11T16:07:20Z Zwobot robot Aggiungo: de, pl
12716 2005-07-04T11:25:09Z Luki-Bot robot Adding: pt
11301 2005-06-03T22:11:19Z Leonard Vertighel

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